39 Week Letter

Hello my sweet babe! You are doing so well and are so comfortable inside me I feel as if you’ll never leave my womb! While I am getting very impatient (and sometimes teary, as your daddy can confirm), I do want you to come out when you are ready and not when I am ready […]

Week 38 Letter

My sweet babe, Wow, we are almost to the end! I must say, while I’m so super excited to meet you and see your little face, I’m almost equally as excited to not be pregnant anymore. I know I should want to keep you inside me for another week and a half, but mama is […]

Week 37 Letter

My sweet little one, We are soon coming upon the time in which I shall have to share you with everyone. I can’t say that I’m that excited about the thought of sharing you to be honest. I love having you all to myself, feeling you squirm around inside me, and knowing that you are […]

Week 36 Letter

Dearest Babe, I just want you to know how loved and how wanted you are. I’ve prayed for you for years before your daddy and I were prepared to add to our family. Now I am praying every day for your safe delivery into this world and your happiness. We just cannot wait to meet […]

Week 35 Letter

My dearest babe, We are getting so close! Only a couple more days and we are 36 weeks along. In less than a week and a half, you will be full term! I can’t believe we are so close. You may certainly stay inside a bit longer (and I encourage you to do so — […]

34 Week Letter

My sweet Babe, I can’t sleep tonight, so I thought I’d write you your weekly letter instead. Hopefully I don’t come off as a maniac in my insomniac state. Forgive me if I do. Part of the reason I’m not sleeping tonight is that I cannot stop thinking about you. I think about who you’ll […]

Week 33 Letter

My sweet little one, Oh my goodness, babe, you are so incredibly loved! Your mama’s baby shower was this weekend and so many of our family and friends attended. I had a wonderful time with our family, of course, but you wouldn’t believe how generous everyone is. We have pretty much everything we need for […]

32 Week Letter

My precious little babe, This past week has been a somewhat nerve-wracking week for me. Saturday night I started having cramps and they were happening pretty much every day. Wednesday I had five Braxton Hick’s contractions in an hour (they say to call if you have four), so I had to call the on-call doctor. […]

Week 31 Letter

Hello my gorgeous little one! I hope you are still comfy in there. You have stopped kicking as hard lately because you are getting squished! However, would you please stop trying to create more room for yourself in my ribs? They are not moving out of the way, so you’ll just have to get used […]