Here we go again!

How far along? 4 weeks Total weight gain/loss: Nothing yet Maternity clothes? Nope. Stretch marks? Just from last time. Sleep: Not that great. I’ve been waking up for the day around 5:00, so that’s awesome. Best moment this week: Making my first prenatal appointment – June 27! Movement: Nope, and don’t expect it for at […]

Adventures in surgery

Last week Adele had tubes put in her ears to ward off the 8+-week-long ear infection that she’d been sporting. The day before the surgery her ears were finally clear!!! However, she still wasn’t draining the fluid in her ears, so the surgeon said that she’d likely get another ear infection very soon, at least […]

Week 29 Letter

My sweetest babe, This past weekend with you was the best weekend thus far. You were so busy in there on Saturday while I cleaned, cooked, and worked on your mobile. And then Sunday? Holy moly, little one! You were a ninja all day long! I absolutely LOVED it! You woke me up with hiccups […]

11 Weeks!!

How far along? 11 weeks!! Total weight gain/loss: I believe I am up a pound. We will see what the doctor’s scale says on Tuesday. Maternity clothes? Yes. Though today I am wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans! Bloat is definitely down this morning. Stretch marks? Not at all. Sleep: It varies. Last night was awful. Best […]