I’ve been feeling kind of yucky since the weekend. Saturday night I started having some menstrual-like cramps. Of course I start worrying, but figured that I’d lay down and wait for them to go away or get worse. If they got worse, I was going to call the doctor. Well, I fell asleep for the […]

Today’s appointment didn’t go so well; but, then again, it did.

I had my 24w appointment today. I must say I was pretty nervous about my weigh in since I gained 10lbs in four weeks at my last weigh in. Well, I did it again. I have officially gained 25lbs at 24.5w. It’s appalling. And what’s worse is that I’m doing everything I can to not […]


So, my cardiologist suggested I see a chiropractor for the chest pain I am/was having. I’ve always been a little skeeved out by chiropractors, so I was interested in hearing that a doctor was suggesting it (I know many doctors are not open to alternative medicine practices). So I went to a consult (my PCP […]