DIY Ring Sling

This project was probably one of the easiest I did during this pregnancy. I am so happy with the outcome! Picture can be seen here (there’s no reason to post it twice). I used the directions I found on Maya’s site. Seriously, this company is awesome. Most places won’t give you the pattern to their […]

My DIY nursing cover

I really like making my own things. It makes me feel crafty and accomplished. I also love that I can customize whatever I’m making to suit my needs much better than trying to find something that would work. I knew I’d need a nursing cover if I planned to nurse in public at all — […]

Nursery Blocks

So there are a few things I want to make for the nursery. I originally wanted to make all the nursery bedding, but that was just too much of a daunting task for me. I’m settling with these: nursery blocks, the bird mobile, the rocking chair pad (done!), the burp cloths/bib/wipe case cover kit (done!), […]

My crafts :)

So I mentioned the other day how I was making some crafts for the babe. Thankfully I was able to finish them before I started trying to make some maternity jeans that broke my sewing machine. :( Anyway, I thought they came out pretty good (especially since I’m pretty rusty on the machine lately), so […]