Adventures in surgery

Last week Adele had tubes put in her ears to ward off the 8+-week-long ear infection that she’d been sporting. The day before the surgery her ears were finally clear!!! However, she still wasn’t draining the fluid in her ears, so the surgeon said that she’d likely get another ear infection very soon, at least as soon as the next cold she is likely to get from daycare. So we went ahead with it and were scheduled to be there at 7:50 the next morning.

When we get there, I start feeling quite anxious. It’s so hard to think about your precious little one going under anesthesia for anything, big or small. The wonderful thing, though, is that I wasn’t the only mom in the waiting room. Three of us had little ones that were having tubes put in their ears (selfishly I was glad Adele was the first to have her ears done so I didn’t need to wait the longest). There were other moms there, waiting for their children to have biopsies – how terrifying would that be? My heart just went out to those families. I can’t imagine how I’d feel when I was so anxious for just tubes.

But moms are the most wonderful creatures in the world. We all sat there, gushing over all the babies and big kids to each other. Everyone shared toys and books, words of encouragement, and kind, knowing smiles. We all were hurting, knowing that our babies would hurt. We were all strangers, yet we were all there for each other. It’s most comforting knowing you are going through something alone, and only another mom can understand. When I finally became a mom, I felt as if I had joined an exclusive club. Days like last Wednesday make me certain of that.

Thankfully I had the Mr. with me. Many of the moms there didn’t have their husbands or significant other with them. Some didn’t have a significant other, some were alone for reasons I didn’t ask. I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been to go through that without someone else there with you. The Mr. answered questions when I couldn’t (I did cry when they came to take Adele back), he held my hand, he made me smile. It’s just another instance where he’s my rock.

So they take her back, promising all would be well and she would be back with us shortly. As I was crying and handing her over, I stared down the anesthesiologist and told him to take care of her. I wouldn’t be there, so someone needed to do it for me. He was so kind and promised that she’d be fine. And she was.

I know this must sound quite dramatic, especially for just tubes, but it is dramatic when it’s your baby. In the end it seems so much easier than you ever thought it could be, but it’s still not easy knowing your child will be in someone else’s hands. Especially hands that are wielding a scalpel.

When she woke up 15 minutes later, she was NOT happy at all. My baby doesn’t cry much, she just doesn’t. But the cry that she cried when she woke up about broke my heart. I could tell she didn’t feel well. They had given her some pain medicine, so it’s likely that she wasn’t in pain, but she felt horrible. It had been about 15 hours since she last had anything to eat or drink (they were running behind, so it was 10:30 before she was out of surgery), so she was hungry on top of it. She downed 8 ounces of juice (her first juice!) mixed with water in less than a minute. Thankfully she was able to keep it down. I just held her and helped calm her down. It was so hard to see. But it wasn’t long until she was a bit happier and we were able to leave. Finally!

She was easily upset all day, and she was starving. She ate so much food at lunch! And despite the nurses warnings, Adele didn’t vomit at all. Yay!

By that evening, she was her normal self. She had taken a very long nap that afternoon and woke up a new person. I was so happy to see my little girl returning to her old self!

I’m excited to see how her hearing is when we go back in 6-8 weeks. It was terrible a few weeks ago, but it should be much better soon.

All in all I’m glad we did this. She’s already acting much happier and seems to be feeling better in general. It was hard, but definitely a good thing.


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