What a storm!

Whew! So glad we pulled through that one okay – we didn’t even lose power! I was getting pretty nervous when we went to bed last night and it sounded like trees were crashing down around our ears. Thankfully we only lost some branches and nothing serious happened in our neighborhood. Our basement didn’t even flood! Though I do know that’s because we didn’t lose power.

Storms like Hurricane Sandy are much scarier when you have a little one to protect. I was worried about her or having to leave the house with her. I was worried about food, about cooking for her, about washing her diapers. And all of it was for nothing. I’m so relieved!

Our family (many of which live in New Jersey) all seems to be unscathed and without major house damage, so that’s wonderful. Our family was really lucky.

My thoughts and prayers goes out to all those who may not have been so lucky. Nature can be a terrible thing sometimes.


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