A Post of Instagram

I realize I have been MIA. I could say it’s because I don’t have anything to write about, but that would be a lie. In fact, I have so much to write about that I don’t have time to write. I really miss this, so I’m going to try to get one post a week. I think I can commit to that. So keep a look out for my return soon! Perhaps even this week! Definitely next week.

To show how sorry I really am, I put together the last few months in an Instagram. Well, two Instagrams. We’ve been busy to say the least!

1.  I began running. C25K was my program of choice. It did not work out completely, but I’m still working on it.
2. Not even a week in to C25K, I was disappointed in myself, but I kept up with it! I only have two weeks left to complete.
3. I made a dress. And took a picture of it.
4. The Mr. broke his hip while roller blading. He was supposed to be out of surgery at 4:00pm, and I was still waiting for word on how he was doing.
5. More cloth diapers!!!!
6. I mowed the lawn all by myself while the Mr. was in the hospital. And it looked good!
7. Driving to get the Mr. and take him from the hospital to the rehabilitation center so we could finally bring him home! He had been at the hospital for a week by this point and was in the rehab center for another week, but he came home walking.
8. Adele visiting Daddy at the rehab center. She missed him so much!
9. My last pumping session. Woohoo!
10. Preparing for Adele’s first birthday party. It went off without a hitch.
11. Adele’s first fun train ride with her mama and poppop.
12. Her first tennies!
13. Someone found out what a tissue box is used for. At least for a toddler.
14. Adele’s first bloodwork. Her iron levels were super low in the doctor’s office, so we had to have them officially checked. They were normal. Bloodwork for toddlers sucks.
15. Her first pigtails!
16. Someone’s learning to walk! She was walking full time at 13 months and is now running at 15 months.

1. Playing the piano. It’s a favorite pasttime in our house.
2. I got the bug to redo our room. Painting some $40 Craigslist end tables.
3. Adele had some terrible yeast rash for what seemed like forever. This was her first day back in cloth (we used disposables when she was yeasty).
4. Our new room!
5. Our new room x2! I love this wall of photos.
6. Adele’s first disaster at daycare. Another child gnawed on her hand. :(
7. Repainting the front door. It was a bit of a disaster, but it turned out great.
8. Adele’s first time on the Big Girl swing!
9. I turned 27.
10. Adele’s first time at the beach!
11. Fall arrived.
12. I made my first cloth diaper.
13. Adele wearing her first “Moby.” I love this picture so much.
14. Riding around in a wagon at the pumpkin patch!
15. Apparently diapers are not for toddlers.
16. “You think a child lock can keep me out of this awesome drawer? Buahahahahahaha!!”

See you soon. :)


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