Cooper loves Adele!

So there have been many a time where I’m not sure whether Cooper really likes Adele or not. She bugs him sometimes (pops up on the couch to “scare” him as he is resting, grabs his paws, pulls on his ears, etc.). She loves him a lot, but it hasn’t always been clear whether he loves her.

The other night, however, it became clear how Cooper feels about our little Adele.

Now, I did not hear any of this, so it is all secondhand. But, the other night Cole and Cooper (at the same time) heard a mouse in the attic. It was scratching around and making a lot of noise (I slept through all of this!). Cooper jumped up and ran into Adele’s room to check on her and stood guard! Cole got up to check on Adele and the dog, and he thought it was so sweet how Cooper was standing guard at her crib, and watching the ceiling.

I actually think it’s kind of sweet too! I wouldn’t have thought Cooper would do that, but he did. It’s nice to know that he loves her enough to protect her from mice!

Also, you’ll be glad to know that Cole has caught one of the attic mice and has driven it far away and released it into the wild. I did not see the little bugger.

I just hope I don’t hear them.


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