My heart just can’t take it

There are moments where I just sit and watch Adele, thinking about how fast time is passing. Sometimes I find tears in my eyes. As a mother, I know I will always wish my baby would stay little as I cheer her on in life. I don’t really want her to stop growing, to stop exploring life. But I am missing my sweet tiny baby. No longer are the days of naps on my chest, hours of nursing, gentle coos, cuddles. Now I have squeals of joys, the beaming smile as she learns she can do something on her own, the mischievous grin as she reaches the forbidden object, the delight as she feeds herself. Every moment is beautiful in its own way, but I do miss every passed stage.


One day I’ll miss that, too.

However, that is why I bought these:


One day I’ll have another little one, and s/he won’t have to wear disposables at all. Don’t those tiny cloth diapers make your ute ache?!


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