Lactation Cookies

I’m sure you’ve heard of them: those oatmeal cookies that help ladies’ boobies lactate better. Some women swear by them; others just shrug their shoulders. I’m not sure which camp I’m going to park my butt in yet.

When Adele was born and I was busy pumping out milk for her for a month because she wouldn’t nurse, I found out that my body made about 10oz more milk a day than I needed. Score! Of course I built up a nice freezer stash that I later had to toss due to a lipase issue. Stupid lipase. I now have a stash about about 20oz at most between my freezer and the freezer at Adele’s daycare. Yeah.

That’s not the reason I made lactation cookies, though.

Since Adele started daycare in January, I have easily pumped out 10oz a day for her to drink there (she’s there for 6 hours and that’s all she takes in that time). I even thought I might be able to build up a small stash. I have a bit of a stash from my Thursday pumpings (I don’t often save Thursday’s milk for next Tuesday’s daycare – it’s a bit long for me) and just pump a few extra times to come up with the 10oz for Adele.

This past week, however, I’m just barely scraping by at 5-6oz, even with a longer pump time. It’s really causing me stress, which will likely hurt my supply more. I’m trying to be calm about it.  Perhaps my first post partum period is on it’s way. Perhaps it’s just a fluke. But, perhaps my milk output is lowering. And that is what freaks me out. I need to keep nursing Adele. I’m not ready to wean. I want her to have breastmilk until she’s a year old. In fact, should she self wean before a year, I plan to pump for her. I may have to supplement formula here or there, but she will get mostly breastmilk until a year. If I can do it past a year, then I certainly will. I think two years is my “cut off,” but maybe I won’t want to stop then, either. As long as we are both happy, then I will continue breastfeeding.

If I can.

And that if causes me so much anxiety. I cannot lose my milk. Not yet.

So I’m eating lactation cookies. I do not doubt that they will cause me to gain some weight (this recipe makes like 4 dozen big cookies!!), but as long as I gain milk weight in my boobies, too, I’m all for weight gain in order to keep nursing.

I also plan to take Fenugreek pills. I start those tomorrow and will take one with each meal. I may smell like syrup from now on, but that’s okay. Anything for this.

So, here’s to milky boobies!


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