Spring can’t come soon enough

Adele has been sick almost constantly since Christmas. She has been hit by every single cold she’s come in contact with this winter (at least it seems like it). I’m pretty much an expert on dealing with cold symptoms in babies. Even after a round of antibiotics (due to a fever on top of all the cold symptoms) she did not get healthy for very long.

At her last appointment, we were told she’ll likely be sick until winter is over: another 3-4 weeks. :( The cough she has right now sounds horrible. I just want her to be better, and soon. This past week was especially rough on us since she’s teething (those top teeth are brutal and still being stubborn!) and sick. We didn’t sleep for about 3 nights and then got spotty sleep, at best, for another 3 nights. Thankfully she’s sleeping much better again (even better than before!).

I am so ready for spring. No more coughs. No more congestion. No more hour-long coughing fits in the middle of the night. No more miserable baby (hopefully).


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