That’s what my life feels like right now.

I just can’t seem to get ahead, let alone caught up. And any time I think I might get caught up, we fall behind again. Work has been busy, Cole is gone so much for work, and Adele has been sick pretty much constantly since Christmas.

I’m just hoping that something lets up soon so that we can catch up. Maybe we should make a list. Though that might not make me feel better. A list of all the things we aren’t getting done. Ha! And we really do mean to clean for 15 min each day after Adele is in bed, but that is sometimes so dang hard to do! I just want to relax then. We’ll get there.

But all of the chores and to-do lists and responsibilities fade away when I look at this sweet face.

How can you even care about the world when you have that at home?


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