Take a look at this website

I don’t have a ton of breastfeeding support. Most people seem uncomfortable that I’m breastfeeding Adele and are concerned that I will “nurse her too long.” However long is “too long,” I don’t know, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that.

My own mother said to me that she would “put a stop to that” if I nursed Adele “too long.” That was a fun night.

When I pumped milk for Adele her first month, my initial goal was to give her breastmilk at least until she was 6 months old. Now that she’s 7 months old, my goal is to give her breastmilk until she’s at least a year old. Once she’s a year old, I also plan to keep nursing (if she is still nursing then, and I hope she is!). Right now, I plan to nurse as long as we are both happy doing it. No limitations at all.


This website shows images of women in other counties who breastfeed. It is such a natural aspect of life for them, and it is so beautiful. I especially find great encouragement in the photos of the women nursing older children.  I love that there are sites out there that can be so encouraging to those of us who might not have as much encouragement as we’d like.


2 thoughts on “Take a look at this website

  1. That is ridiculous! I am sorry you don’t have support in real life. I hope you have a good community online to join! Breastfeeding is absolutely amazing. It’s one of my favorite times. I hope to do it until at least 2.

    • Thanks, Lara. :)

      I’m part of the Real Moms of July 2011 and Super Secret Cloth Diaper FB groups. I have tons of support there. :)

      And Cole is super supportive, too.

      Breastfeeding is one of my favorite aspects of motherhood, too. I won’t give it up because of peer pressure!

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