Adele has dealt with severe spitting up since 3 weeks. At her one month appointment we discussed it and what I should look for and what I could do to help her. Since then, I have discussed this with the doctor, the nurse practitioner, the on-call nurse, and various friends who have dealt with the same thing.

It has gotten to the point where Della projectile vomits numerous times a day and spits up almost constantly between projectile vomits despite the following:

– Sleeping at an incline (except at night — she doesn’t often have this issue at night)
– Holding her upright for 15-20 minutes after every feeding
– Only allowing her to eat 10 minutes at a time, which means more feedings
– Cutting dairy out of my diet
– Burping her pretty much all the time
– Fussiness after spitting up numerous times in a row

All these did help, but they did not alleviate the issue. Like I said, it got the point where she was projectile vomiting numerous times a day, and she has recently started coughing/choking on the spit up numerous times a day. I finally called the doctor again because I didn’t know what else to do to help her. We hadn’t discussed meds at all previously because she wasn’t experiencing any pain and she was gaining weight as she should — it seemed as if she was just a “happy spitter.”

However, with the new symptoms in the last two weeks (excessive projectile vomiting and the choking), they have decided that we should try Zantac. So, we are trying it for a week. If it helps, that’s great. If it doesn’t, then we need to take her in to discuss it more. I really hope it does help her, but we’ll see. This is the second day that she’s been on it, and she has only projectile vomited once and hasn’t spit up much at all, which is pretty awesome. Of course it may just be coincidental, but I hope not. The best thing is she hasn’t choked on spit up since last night! I’ve gotten so used to hearing her coughing like she swallowed something down the wrong tube — I love not hearing it and having my heart skip a beat multiple times a day.

I really hope she is getting better.


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