Product/company rave

It’s probably obvious that I cloth diaper Adele. I love it more every day. Whenever she wears disposables, she gets a diaper rash. Thankfully it’s quite rare for her to wear anything other than her cloth diapers. My stash now consists of BumGenius 4.0s, BumGenius Elemental AIOs, and Rumparoos. I don’t have an opinion of the AIOs just yet, but they do seem to hold a lot. I think they will do well for overnights once Adele sleeps through the night (we still get up twice to eat).

But those aren’t what I’m writing this post about. I bought three PlanetWise Wet bags for my diapers. I have a small one for my diaper bag, and two large ones for the house (one for upstairs and on for downstairs — also, I can have one in the wash while the other is in use). The first two large wet bags I bought were pretty terrible, to be honest. After a few weeks of use, they were showing real signs of wear. I spent about $20 for each bag, so I was pretty disappointed. The handle was coming off of one bag and the waterproof inside layer was coming apart in the other bag.

I had bought the bags from Kelly’s Closet, but she wouldn’t do anything for me. She said the company wanted to handle all product defects for quality control, so I had to contact them. I emailed PlanetWise and a woman got back to me within a day (and I emailed over Labor Day weekend!). All she wanted was a copy of my receipts and pictures of the damage. They replaced the bags without question! I received them in a few days and they even paid for me to ship back the old bags. I was so pleased with how wonderful and helpful the woman was and how quickly they fixed the issue. I would definitely recommend those wet bags for someone who is thinking about cloth diapering. :)

And the new bags? They are holding up perfectly — no issues at all!


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