Perpetual PUPPS

So I finally got my act together and took myself to the dermatologist. I had put it off partially because the OB office kept saying to wait another week because it will likely go away. It was still popping up here and there, and I asked again at my 6 week checkup. The NP said I should probably see someone about it, and so I did.

Ugh. The dermatologist (who was awesome, by the way!) said that since I have it this long, I will likely have it the entire time I’m breastfeeding. I have the worst luck ever! Thankfully it’s not all over my body anymore and not quite as itchy as it was, but it is still in certain areas (it even moves from area to another!) and it does itch. I finally have a cream to help it, which does help much more than the cortizone ever did.

Also? All the stretch marks that popped up in a day after the PUPPS started getting really bad are likely a result of the PUPPS and not my skin stretching. Thank you for that, hormonal rash. I had thought my stretch marks seemed to show up after the PUPPS paved the way for them, and it seems as if that was what happened. Who knew?

So, I’ll likely be an itchy mess for a year or so. Fun times, no?


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