My progress report

So, I haven’t been doing too well with working out. Adele wasn’t sleeping too great at night, the Mr. and I were both sick, and I’m just pretty tired all around. It’s a lot to take care of an almost 2 month old baby, a house, and all our errands! Once I go back to work, it’s going to get even busier! Unfortunately that’s less than 2 weeks away now. :(

Anyway, despite the fact that I haven’t started the 30DS yet or cycling at all, I am seeing some progress! I just do situps right now and I’m changing my diet. I’m actually cutting out (well, at this point severely cutting back) dairy. She just spits up so often and it helps her if I don’t eat as much dairy. I don’t think she has a dairy protein intolerance because she doesn’t have pain when she spits up, but there’s definitely a difference with me cutting it out. I’ve been very careful about not drinking milk, eating cheese or yogurt, and butter and sour cream is all gone, too.

So, here are my new measurements with just a bit of exercising and a diet change:

Waist: 29.5″
Belly Button: 34.75″
Hips: 37″
Butt: 40″
Thigh: 22.25″

I have lost a bit in every category! Granted I didn’t lose much, but I wasn’t expecting to lose anything. :) I’m pleased with my progress for now. Hopefully I’ll find (and/or make) some time to cycle or do the 30DS soon.


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