Pre-pregnancy clothes

This is a fun subject, no?

I am officially down 32lbs (at least)! I have 13lbs left to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and another 18lbs left to get to the weight I want to be. More than anything, though, I want to fit and look good in my clothes again.

I have been trying on my jeans since a week postpartum. Every week they look better and better. I can actually wear them again now! They are tight and my stomach does fluff out over the top a bit, but I can wear them. I just throw my bella band over them to help smooth out the stomach pooch. It’s not the most comfortable so I don’t wear them often, but I can. And that’s what’s important — I can wear them!

But I don’t look good in them. :/ Hopefully that will come in the next few weeks or so. I’m eager to start working out again, which I’m sure I’ll be able to do after my 6-week postpartum appointment next week.

However, the most depressing thing is the way my shirts now fit. I went through my closet last night and the amount of clothes I have that fit of my ginormous breasts (34HH!!!!) is quite small. I doubt there will be any button down shirts available to me without serious alterations, so those are out. I’m just hoping I can find some nicer looking shirts/t-shirts that I can wear now and again once I stop nursing (oh, yeah! I’m nursing 100% now!! I’ll make a post about that later.). Thankfully most of my t-shirts fit okay still, so I really just need some nicer looking shirts that I can wear out of the house and feel like I look nice in.

So, I get to go shopping! Unfortunately it might not be as fun as normal. I have to learn how to dress my new body. Granted most everything is going back to the way it was before, but my boobs are not. I did buy a few things last week or so, but I had to try on a ton of things so I could buy one sweater and two t-shirts. There isn’t a lot that fits across my boobs and doesn’t swallow my lower torso up. Oh well.

Perhaps I’ll go looking this weekend with the Mr. (oh how he’d love that). :)


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