On being a mama

I have been missing in action lately and I’m sorry! Being a new mom is definitely a change — I am a much busier person! I couldn’t imagine a better life, though. I’m so happy, despite being pretty tired lately. We get plenty of sleep — Adele goes 3 hours between feedings at night — but my sleep quality isn’t as good. I’m a much lighter sleeper now. I doubt that will change at all until she is all grown up.

There isn’t anything that can prepare you for becoming a mom the first time. Nothing anyone says to you will really sink in until you have your own baby in your arms. And that’s okay; in fact, I think that’s best. Everyone should enter motherhood without expectations because there’s no way you can know how it will be.

Adele has been an absolute dream. I couldn’t ask for a better baby. She sleeps pretty well, she rarely cries for reasons other than she’s hungry or needs her diaper changed, and she’s just generally a happy baby. I’m so in love with her, and it grows every single day. I absolutely love being a mom, and couldn’t imagine my life any differently. I know I definitely want to have a second baby, but not for a while. :) I want plenty of time to enjoy my little girl as she starts growing up.

One thing I was not expecting about being a mother is the selflessness. I can’t say I was a completely selfish person before Adele was born, but I certainly liked to have my “me time.” However, now I just want to spend all my time with her. I spend my days feeding her, pumping milk for her, holding her, rocking her, reading to her, playing with her…my life truly does revolve around her. The Mr. has to remind me to eat something worthwhile sometimes. All I want to do is make sure that she is okay and happy.

Now, I wouldn’t say this is the best attitude, to be honest. We mamas still need to take care of ourselves. The Mr. has been awesome in that respect. He takes Adele and lets me go take a bath or shower without having to worry about her or what she’s doing or whether she’s hungry or wants to be held. It’s nice that I’m learning how to take time for myself while still taking care of her completely. In fact, I even have time to write out this post! (Please excuse any poor writing or grammar. While embarrassing when I look at this later, I cannot help it at this point — lack of sleep is a powerful thing, haha.)

Well, there was much more I wanted to say about my entry into motherhood, but I’m exhausted, cloth diaper laundry is calling, and I’m starving. So the rest will have to wait until later. Actually, I pretty much only wrote an introduction to what I was planning to say, so it will mostly have to wait until later.

Instead, I’ll leave you a picture of my baby. :)


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