What a whirlwind!

There’s so much to say and share, but not enough time to get it all down. I shall try bullet points to see if that helps.

– Adele is doing fabulous! She is the light of our lives and we fall more in love with her every day. She is a very easy baby, at least so far. :) I couldn’t ask for anything more.

– Nursing didn’t work out too great for us. Until last Sunday, she was a champion nurser. Suddenly, however, she decided she hated my nipple. That same day she really wasn’t eating enough and I called her pediatrician who said that it sounded like she was mildly dehydrated and that we needed to supplement with formula and feed her every two hours instead of every three. It was so hard on me. I felt so terrible that my baby wasn’t getting what she needed from me and that she didn’t even want me anymore, probably because of that. My milk had come in and I was getting out a good amount with my hand pump. It was just discouraging. She started doing much better later that day, just with a few meals of formula and expressed breastmilk. We tried to get her to nurse throughout the week, supplementing with pumped breastmilk and formula (because I couldn’t get enough breastmilk out with my hand pump), but she wouldn’t have anything to do with my breasts anymore. It caused a lot of heartache for me. And for her. She’d scream every time I put her up to me. After almost four days of tears and pretty much using my hand pump to it’s end (it has lost most suction), we went out and bought an electric pump, which has been a God send. Since deciding to pump, Adele has actually nursed a few times, which I absolutely love. I don’t expect to be able to nurse full time at all, but it is a nice bonding time for us when she does nurse. I’m definitely happy with my decision to pump. And it’s nice to have the feeding help. :)

– We’ve had our first poo-splosion. Thankfully it was on the Mr. and not me.

– Birth announcements are ordered!

– We are falling into a good schedule with her.

– My PUPPS is still present, but the nurse practitioner said that it may take another week or so to completely go away. Thankfully I do not itch like before, so it’s definitely much easier to handle.

– The Mr. is the most wonderful father ever. I fall more in love with him every day. And I love how much he loves our daughter.

– I’ve officially lost 25 pounds as of yesterday. I’m very pleased with that and hope to lose another 25 pounds (five pounds more than I gained during pregnancy). My belly is definitely going down a lot and I am starting to like the way I look (with clothes on).

– I have a UTI, which sucks. My nether regions feel worse now than they did after I gave birth. Ugh.


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