Our first L&D trip — no baby yet.

Friday I realized I hadn’t felt the baby moving very much and mentioned it to the Mr. He said everything was probably fine and that I should eat something and lay down on my left side to encourage some movement (why didn’t I think of that?!). Of course the babe started moving around like you wouldn’t believe and I felt enough movement throughout the rest of the day that I felt confident everything was fine.

Saturday I didn’t have any issues feeling the baby move at all. S/he was going crazy inside me. I love that feeling, especially after a sleepy day where the baby doesn’t move all that much (which is entirely normal to have). So, of course, I didn’t think anything of the lowered movement the day before.

Yesterday came around and I noticed I didn’t feel the baby move at all overnight (I usually feel something while I’m awake) and I hadn’t felt the baby move yet that morning. So I get out of bed at 9:30 and get some cheerios and a banana for breakfast. As I was eating in bed (bowl on my belly no less!), the baby started moving a bit. Of course I felt relieved; however, I realized that the movement wasn’t nearly as strong as normal, nor as much. I shrugged it off and we went about our day.

We took the dog for a walk, did some work around the house, took showers, and just hung out. We got back from our dog walk around 1:00p and I realized I hadn’t felt the baby at all since 9:30 that morning. So we made lunch, ate it, and I got on my left side to hopefully make the baby move like normal (typically 8-10 giant moves within 20 min of eating). I didn’t feel much at all, so I was starting to get a bit nervous. I felt two very extremely slight movements, and that’s just not normal for my baby.

The Mr. and I talked and decided that it would be a good thing to call the doctor. So I did. She called back within 3 minutes and asked me a few questions and told me to go in for an NST to make sure everything was fine with the babe. Of course she said she felt everything was just fine, but it’s best to check. Holy crap, we were going to the hospital!

I was pretty nervous. I didn’t want anything to be wrong and had no idea what to expect. While the Mr. got changed real quick, I threw the few last minute things into my labor bag just in case we ended up having to stay. I did leave it at home (figuring I’d ask my mom to stop by the house to pick up the things we needed should we have to stay), but I wanted that bag packed just in case. So we got in the car and were on our way.

When we got there we were put into a room instead of triage because there was already a woman there. I got changed and put on a lovely hospital gown. The Mr. said I was super sexy, so that’s a good thing. ;) Anyway, the nurse was back in quite quickly and hooked me up to the monitors. She said I’d probably be on them for 15-20 minutes and we’d likely be on our way. At this point, I still hadn’t felt the baby moving at all since 9:30 in the morning.

So I was hooked up and she asked me all the typical questions for my file. I’m kind of glad we were able to do that before I am actually in labor — some of those questions would have been difficult to answer/think of while I’m in pain and contracting. We got those done (she even asked about my birth plan and inserted the main points of that, so we don’t have to worry about that either!), and she left for a little while. Eventually she came back in with another nurse because they couldn’t pull up the baby’s movements and heartrate on their computer. Apparently something wasn’t working, so they had to go off the actual paper that printed out. I still wasn’t feeling the baby move much at all.

Instead of only keeping me on the monitors for only 15-20 minutes, I was on for 1hr15min before they were satisfied with the baby’s movements and heartrate. Actually, the heartrate was great the entire time, but we didn’t get a lot of movements for a while. The nurses were awesome, though, so I’m glad for that. Thankfully the doctor came in (one of my favorites!) and said the baby seemed to be fine and that we were good to go. If I hadn’t had an appointment already set up for 11:00 today, she would have set one up for me.

I must say, it was pretty nerve wracking to go into the hospital and not know whether something was wrong with my baby or not. I’m so glad everything was okay, though. One of the nurses was joking around and saying, “Maybe you’ll get to stay here until you have the baby!” That would have been exciting to think about, except that it would have meant that there was something wrong with the baby, so I certainly did not want that.

Anyway, that was our first trip to L&D. It is nice that we were able to see the hospital services and actually experience them vs. just seeing the rooms and discussing things with a nurse during our L&D tour. Everything is much easier than I had imagined it, which is good.

Now all we need to do is have this appointment this morning and then schedule an induction. I don’t think I’ll have this baby naturally, unfortunately. And, honestly, if I can start an induction tonight, I would. My PUPPPS is awful and I’m so tired of it. I can’t really do this much longer. I was up at 2:00a this morning and took an oatmeal bath because the itching was unbearable. Yesterday morning I ugly cried for at least a half hour because I was so miserable. I’m just not doing well. So as soon as we can get this baby out is fine with me. The good thing is that I’m very close to 41 weeks already, so the doctor will induce me in a few days anyway. I’m hoping we can get things started tonight or tomorrow night. If not, I’m waiting until Thursday night to get things going (unless the baby comes on its own before then, of course).

Oh, a little funny from the hospital. The nurse kept calling the baby a girl while we were there. She said that she had no idea why she kept doing that because she normally calls all the Team Green babies boy babies. I’m not sure that anyone knows the sex of our baby or whether it’s written in our file or not — I figured I wouldn’t ask about it at all. Well, the Mr. seems to think we are definitely having a girl now because of this. He said that she made too big of a deal about calling the baby she vs he that she probably knew and kept slipping up. It won’t be long now until we find out! (I have to say that I don’t think she knew, I just think she was calling the baby a girl since they had a few girls in the ward.)

Also, an interesting fact from the hospital. While I was there, I was having contractions every 15 min, but I wasn’t feeling them at all. I did feel one while she was in there and she asked me if I felt that one. I said yes, but that it was pretty mild feeling. I could feel that my belly was tight and it was slightly crampy, but that was it. She said that she thinks I have a pretty high level of pain tolerance, which makes me feel much more confident about going into labor. :)


One thought on “Our first L&D trip — no baby yet.

  1. Sounds like you had a very interesting day! That is great a lot of paperwork got filled out. The little babe will be in your arms by Friday :) So exciting!!

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