Itchy, itchy, itchy, itchy

I am miserable. I cannot explain how much PUPPS sucks. Honestly, unless you’ve had it, you can never know. I don’t know how long I can deal with this and I didn’t even get it until 38 weeks (which seems to be pretty late in the game to get it). It’s really awful. And I can’t imagine how women get through this when they get PUPPS at 30 or 32 weeks.

I can’t sleep at night anymore without a dose of Benedryl (suggested by the doctor last week), and I still wake up scratching my belly or thighs (where it has also spread). I get up and put lotion or Cortizone cream on me during the night and lube up about 5 times a day. Unfortunately you cannot put Cortizone on more than 3-4 times a day, so lotion must make due most of the day/night.

My 40-week appointment is tomorrow. I’m certain that induction will be brought up (my office induces by 41 weeks). Before PUPPS I was vehemently against induction until the absolute latest day they’d let me go (and I was planning to ask to not be induced until after the 14th so I could avoid having the baby on my mom’s birthday). Now, though, I’d be happy if they’d induce me on Monday of next week. I think 40w5d isn’t bad if they are going to induce me anyway. The rash should go away within a week of birth, so I’m counting down the days of itchiness. If I have the baby next Monday, for example, only 12-13 days of itching left (potentially).

Or, the baby could come on his/her own in the next few days. That would make this mama VERY happy! I guess we’ll see what they say tomorrow.


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