Week 38 Letter

My sweet babe,

Wow, we are almost to the end! I must say, while I’m so super excited to meet you and see your little face, I’m almost equally as excited to not be pregnant anymore. I know I should want to keep you inside me for another week and a half, but mama is getting tired. Either way, I know you will come when you are ready, so I will continue waiting. Just know that your mama is ready and willing!

I’m sitting here working on the journal that I’m making for you (just a collection of my weekly updates, letters, and pictures for you) and I keep feeling you squirm around inside me. It’s really wonderful feeling you move around inside me, and I know I will miss it once you are here. But I would give this up to see you every day. I just can’t wait. I know your daddy is super excited for your arrival, too. Oh, by the way, when he told you to keep comfy in there and take your time this morning, you may just ignore him. He was just being silly. :)

Only two, maybe three, more letters for you until you are here! It’s so hard to believe that I’m only a couple days away from 39 weeks pregnant with you. Time has flown by. I can only hope it won’t go by as quickly once you are here, though I’m sure time will only speed up.

I love you so much!


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