Well, I was bummed

This morning I had a doctor’s appointment. I can’t believe I only have 2 left! I had an internal today. Now, with all the contractions I’ve been having, I was hoping that I’d have some sort of good progress. I wasn’t expecting anything, just hoping.

At 36 weeks, I was 50% effaced with no dilation. Today I was 50% effaced with almost 1cm dilation of the outside of my cervix. I’m still completely closed up and tight inside the cervix. Ugh. That was quite disappointing to hear. I know that it really doesn’t mean anything. I could go into labor this afternoon and hit 10 cm within a few hours. Or I could be 5cm dilated for weeks and weeks and not go into labor myself at all. Still, I was hoping for progress.

To make the appointment even better, I now have PUPPS. Basically it’s a pregnancy-induced rash that won’t go away until after the baby is born. Right now it’s only on the bottom of my belly, but it itches like you wouldn’t believe. I’ll be using Cortizone cream in addition to my lotions to help combat the itchiness. Hopefully it does not spread. PUPPS can spread to your arms and legs and can be quite awful to deal with. At least I didn’t get it sooner. Hopefully the baby doesn’t make me deal with this for very long!

So, I was feeling kind of bummed. And then I asked my doctor the last question I had for the day. The Mr. had asked me a few days ago whether he’d be able to catch the baby when I’m giving birth or not. I had no idea whether there were any rules against that, so I told him I’d ask today. Well, the great news is that he is allowed to do so! Of course some of the doctors in the practice may not be okay with that, but it seems as if most will be fine. And there aren’t any hospital restrictions against it, so that is wonderful. So, as long as everything is going fine with the delivery and the doctor is fine with it, the Mr. will be catching our baby as he or she makes his or her entry into this world! I’m very excited for him to have that opportunity. He’ll be the first person to hold our child (other than me carrying him or her for the last nine months, of course). :)

And then the Mr. had a huge surprise today, too. He was at work and his workmates threw him a surprise baby shower! We have so many generous people in our lives. It overwhelms me sometimes. We were gifted a monkey the Mr. loved at the store, the swing we wanted, and a gift card. We don’t need the swing because my dad bought us a different one, but it’s still so wonderful! I’m sure we’ll find something awesome for the baby to have in its place.

So while my day started out a little disappointing, I can’t help but feel very happy this afternoon. :)


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