Contractions have started

And I’m not talking about Braxton Hick’s contractions — I’ve had those before. Now I’m having painful contractions. Well, I feel I must clarify. My contractions aren’t painful, per se. They feel like menstrual cramps that come and go in waves (I also have lower back pain, too). But I’d say they are uncomfortable, not necessarily painful. If I were having these cramps before expecting my period, I’d give them an hour or so to go away and then take a Tylenol so I could sleep. So, definitely not brace-myself-against-the-counter painful.

What’s crappy about these contractions, though, is they are very far apart and only at night. I might have a few during the day, but nothing much to speak of. I’m also having tons more Braxton Hick’s contractions (day and night). So there’s definitely something going on, but nothing to foreshadow an early labor. I do hope I don’t have to feel this for the next two weeks. I need some  sleep at night!

I do hope they start turning into labor, but we’ll see.


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