Um, there’s an infant car seat in my car!

How real is that?!

It’s so strange to look in my car and see a place for the babe sitting in the back. I’m so excited to have him or her in it!! The ladies at the fire station were awesome and taught me a lot. I can safely put that seat in any car! They even said that they joke that the babies of the moms who go in and have their seats inspected always come soon after. Their thought is that the baby realizes they now have a very safe place to ride home in, so they decide it’s time.

Do you hear that, little one? You now have a safe place to ride home. It’s time to come out! ;) Really you may take your time (but try not to be too long for your mama!). :)

But things are getting so real. We are just about 100% ready. I just need a thermometer for the baby and a changing pad cover. That’s it. I can’t believe we are so close and so ready!


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