37 Weeks! Full term!

How far along? 37 weeks! This baby can come at any time now! Eek!
Total weight gain/loss: 39 pounds
Maternity clothes? Not today
Stretch marks? Unfortunately yes.
Sleep: Blah.
Best moment this week: Hitting full term!!!!!!
Movement: All the time and I love it! (Sometimes it hurts though.)
Food cravings: I don’t even care about food anymore. I’m still hungry, but it’s difficult to find things I actually want to eat.
Sex: Either a girl or a boy. ;) I think girl, the Mr. thinks boy. Not long until we find out who is right!
Labor Signs: I’m 50% effaced. I also had a few hours of timeable BH contractions the other night (5-7 min apart for 2 hours) before they dissipated.
Belly Button in or out? Out — I didn’t think that would happen!
What I miss: Not having back pain. Sex. Sleep. Same as always.
Weekly Wisdom: Take it easy when things hurt. If you don’t, they will just hurt worse later.
Milestones: Full term, baby! Timeable contractions. Definitely feeling the baby move down lower (it causes lots of pressure and pain!). I’m ready for the end.

My view from the top!


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