Week 35 Letter

My dearest babe,

We are getting so close! Only a couple more days and we are 36 weeks along. In less than a week and a half, you will be full term! I can’t believe we are so close. You may certainly stay inside a bit longer (and I encourage you to do so — I don’t want you to be born early!).

You movements are getting crazy — people can see your feet kicking out just by looking at my stomach. Sometimes they are so strong that they make me catch my breath! I’m so happy that you are getting so big and strong. I cannot wait to meet you!

Your daddy and I have been wondering more and more often whether you are a boy or a girl. I think it’s because we are getting so close to seeing you. We are pretty much ready for your arrival, so it’s feeling so very real.

I must be honest. Sometimes I’m scared of your arrival. I don’t want to be a bad mama to you, and I honestly have no idea what to do when you come. I hope it’s true that maternal instincts kick in and all moms know what to do. I just hope you can forgive any mistakes I make. I just love you so much already and want to make sure I do everything right for you.

I can’t wait to see your little face!


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