I have it. Ugh.

I was seriously fine on Sunday and then this little “aheh, aheh” cough started. By today, it is bronchitis. I was shocked and asked the doctor if it could seriously come on that fast (I always thought bronchitis was a long term thing that you got after weeks of coughing), and he said it definitely can, especially for those who are pregnant since our lungs cannot expand fully at this late in the game.

So I’m now on antibiotics to ward off the bronchitis and keep pneumonia from forming. I almost didn’t call the doctor yesterday, but I’m so glad I did. I wonder what another three days of bronchitis would have done to my lungs. Being so sick so close to the end is a little scary. Hopefully this will be gone soon with the medicine.

No wonder I’ve felt like crap for the last five days. I really am sick, and not with just a simple cough.


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