Dear Exercise Ball,

I love you. I think it is important for me to share that feeling with you for you have become an important part of my life. You offer such comfort when I am not feeling well, with the added bonus of making it easier for the baby to descend into the correct birthing position.

You support my hips and pelvis in a way that makes my back hurt less, as well as my hips and pelvis. I sit on you when I eat dinner many nights (the Mr. is quite jealous and said that he’d like his own ball to sit on because I love it so much). Rocking back and forth on you helps tremendously with my tailbone pain, for which I am entirely grateful.

With all the support you offer me now, I am excited to see how much you offer during labor. Should I ignore you and not be interested in your comforts when I am in labor, however, please do not be offended. It will be as surprising to me as it will be to you. Until then, my friend, we will meet every day for some quality comfort time for my back, pelvis, and tailbone.

May we always have such a wonderful relationship,


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