39 Weeks

How far along? 39 weeks Total weight gain/loss: 42 pounds? Oops, it’s actually 47lbs. :( Maternity clothes? Most days Stretch marks? Unfortunately yes. They have also been taken over by PUPPS, which is absolutely awful. Sleep: Terrible. I’m up all night long trying to not scratch my belly/stretch marks and putting lotion or cortizone cream […]

Week 38 Letter

My sweet babe, Wow, we are almost to the end! I must say, while I’m so super excited to meet you and see your little face, I’m almost equally as excited to not be pregnant anymore. I know I should want to keep you inside me for another week and a half, but mama is […]

38 Weeks!

How far along? 38 weeks! Total weight gain/loss: 40 pounds Maternity clothes? Most days Stretch marks? Unfortunately yes. Sleep: Great last night, but typically not. I’ve been having contractions at night, and it sucks. Best moment this week: My anniversary today! Movement: All the time and I love it! (Sometimes it hurts though.) Food cravings: […]

Week 37 Letter

My sweet little one, We are soon coming upon the time in which I shall have to share you with everyone. I can’t say that I’m that excited about the thought of sharing you to be honest. I love having you all to myself, feeling you squirm around inside me, and knowing that you are […]