Memorial Day Weekend

What a busy weekend! It’s really fun thinking, “Wow, this is the last Memorial Day without the babe! Next year there will be three of us celebrating!” I’ve been thinking that for almost every holiday we’ve had since October, but that’s another story. :)

Friday started off normal with work; however, I got off at 1:00p so I could spend the afternoon doing what I wanted. So I went to Babies R Us and bought some things for the babe (I bought some diapers, an activity mat, a Boppy, and a few other things). I also got fitted for a nursing bra (um, huge boobies for me!), but I’ll have to try to find one online somewhere. The stores don’t care my band size with my boob size. (I’m seriously going to have Pamela Anderson-size boobs after this kiddo is born.) We then went to see The Hangover: Part II Friday night. It was so nice to have a date night! We don’t do that often enough, so it was nice to change up the routine a bit.

Saturday was spent doing this with my family. The Mr. went to his parent’s house and I went to mine (it’s too far of a drive to see his parents now). I watched my brother’s baseball game and just hung out with the family for a bit. It was really nice! I went to the store for dinner stuff and decided to make some cookies for our trip on Sunday (we ended up not eating them though!). I made a double batch of peanut butter and toffee cookies. I’m freezing most of them so that I can bring them to the hospital with us when it’s Go Time. I figured I’d make a little plate for the nurses and keep the rest for us for snacks. If anyone gets hungry while visiting, then they can have some, too.

Sunday was awesome (sort of). We drove to the beach (1.5 hours away), which was a long drive for me. But the weather was beautiful and we spent the entire day just enjoying each other, the water, the sand, and everything else that goes on at the beach. We stayed through dinner and then came home. Unfortunately we hit traffic, so it took us 2.5 hours to get home. Now that was a difficult car ride for me. We had to stop at a gas station so I could pee — I would not have made it at all! My brother stopped by our house to take care of the pup, so that was pretty awesome of him. :)

And yesterday was just plain productive. I made a nursing cover for myself (post on that coming soon), we went grocery shopping, I found the cutest Sock Monkey doll for only $7 (!!), we washed all the cars, and we took the dog for a walk. It was nice to just hang out around the house and get some things done.

But now I’m exhausted. Still. This weekend was definitely too much for me, but I’m so glad that we did everything we did. We also have lots of plans for this week — our house is a mess and there are a few things we need to put away and organize. But it’s all coming along. :)

Unfortunately I’m sick. I have a terrible cough that I hope doesn’t last for too long. I was up most of the night coughing despite taking some Robitussin DM (the only thing available to us pregnant women). Hopefully it goes away soon.

So, that’s my weekend in a nutshell (well, about 600 words). I hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend and made sure to thank the Veterans they know for their service!


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