Week 33 Letter

My sweet little one,

Oh my goodness, babe, you are so incredibly loved! Your mama’s baby shower was this weekend and so many of our family and friends attended. I had a wonderful time with our family, of course, but you wouldn’t believe how generous everyone is. We have pretty much everything we need for you already! Everyone was asking about you, touching my belly to feel your movements, and saying how excited they are to meet you.

I cannot tell you how loved your daddy and I feel right now. We are all so blessed. I’m so happy that you are entering a family that loves you so very much and is just as excited about you as your daddy and I are. Your PopPop E and Great Aunt R are especially excited to meet you in a few weeks, which really makes me so happy. Of course my parents and aunts are just as excited for your arrival.

I cannot believe that we are so close to only 6 weeks left. This pregnancy has literally flown by, and I kind of hope the rest of it does, too (haha). I’m just so ready to meet you! But you should definitely take your time and grow as much as you need to grow. Right now I have a feeling that you’ll come a little early, but we’ll see. It’s okay if you don’t. I’ll still love you anyway!

I just want you to know how loved you are, and I hope you always feel that love.

Your Mama


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