The nursery! :D

I am pleased to say that we are finally (mostly) done with the nursery! The mattress came in the mail today and I was so excited to put it in the crib! I really love how it came out. It is one of my favorite rooms in the house. All we need now is the baby. :)

This post will be full of pictures and I’ll explain as needed. There are a few things left that we need to do. For instance, the Mr. is going to stain the toy box he had as a child to match the furniture. I also need to finish the horse, but that shouldn’t take long once we get the rest of the mane out (it is tough!). And we are looking for shelving to go above the horse; however, I cannot find anything I like that is good quality or cherry wood. So we may not put anything up right there. We’ll see. I’m not stressed about it at all anymore. Finally, we just need to get our changing pad and put it on the dresser. Easy peasy!

Without further ado, here are the pictures. :)

This is the view of the room from the hallway. (Yeah, it is a small room, but I think it feels cozy!)

This is our crib, bird mobile, and tree decal. I love this corner of the room! I also love that the mattress is now in the crib!

I am in LOVE with this dresser. :)

This is the corner where we might put up some shelving if we can find something we like. Otherwise it will stay bare. You can see a picture of the half-bald horse and the toy box that Cole had as a baby. I love that we have so many things in the room from our childhoods!

This is such a cozy corner to rock the baby in!

Here is a close-up of one of the pictures above the rocker. My aunt (the baby's namesake if we have a girl) drew it in the 70s.

A close-up of the second picture my aunt drew. :)

A close-up of the picture board I made.

The blocks I made and Cole's owl bank from childhood. It was his "college fund," but the money is still there (haha). We've started saving for this baby's college education already! ;)

Finally, here is the basket that I am keeping our cloth diapers in. If we don't find a shelf for the blocks and bank, then this basket will go in the dresser's cupboard to make room for the changing pad, blocks, and bank on top of the dresser.


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