32 Week Letter

My precious little babe,

This past week has been a somewhat nerve-wracking week for me. Saturday night I started having cramps and they were happening pretty much every day. Wednesday I had five Braxton Hick’s contractions in an hour (they say to call if you have four), so I had to call the on-call doctor. Thankfully I didn’t have to go in and she thought everything was fine (everything was). Then yesterday you were sooooo lazy! And I was having more cramps and back pain. After so many days of this, I decided I should call the doctor again. They wanted me to go in immediately to get checked.

Holy moly, babe, that scared your mama. I was pretty upset that I was having issues enough to be brought in immediately for a check. Your daddy was also worried, but he always holds his cool. He is a very strong man, your daddy. So I go in and talk about how I’m feeling and about how lazy you were being (though I definitely felt you enough that I knew you were okay). So first the doctor checked your heartbeat and it was beautiful and strong. I absolutely love hearing it. Then I was checked and everything is going perfectly.

I cannot tell you how relieved I was to know that you were okay and that I was keeping you inside me for a long time. I know things weren’t that scary compared to some, but it’s so scary to think that there might be an issue. I just want to keep you safe for as long as possible.

Do you know what the best part about yesterday was? Around the time your daddy and I were getting ready to go to sleep, you became so very active! It’s like you were waiting for me to go to bed so you could party. I put your daddy’s hand on my belly so he could feel you moving. These moments are my absolute favorite during pregnancy. We were laughing and smiling together for about 20 minutes while you assaulted your daddy’s hand. We felt you moving around a ton, and your daddy felt you push your little foot up and out and drag it across the side of my belly. He thought it was the weirdest but coolest thing ever. I love seeing the smile he has when he feels you moving. He’ll tap my belly to get a response from you. Sometimes he’ll even shake it a little bit.  It’s too funny.

I just want you to know that we both love you so much and cannot wait for you to arrive. If we love spending this much time just feeling you move, I can’t imagine how much we’ll love spending time with you when you are out in this world with us.

I love you,


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