I’ve been feeling kind of yucky since the weekend. Saturday night I started having some menstrual-like cramps. Of course I start worrying, but figured that I’d lay down and wait for them to go away or get worse. If they got worse, I was going to call the doctor. Well, I fell asleep for the night.

The next morning, the Mr. and I went on a walk with Cooper. While we were walking, my cramps came back and I had some sharp shooting pains. Of course we left and went home so I could rest and drink a bunch of water. I put my feet up and 32oz of water, and waited. Thankfully the sharp pains and cramps went away before an hour was up. I didn’t call the doctor (no reason to call when I’m feeling fine, right?).

I had a doctor’s appointment on Monday and I mentioned the weekend’s happenings to him. He didn’t seem to have a problem with it since everything went away with rest and water, which made me feel better. However, he did say that if the cramps persisted more than two hours with rest and water or if they were combined with 4 or more contractions an hour, then I needed to call.

Yesterday I had cramps for about two hours and I had five Braxton Hick’s contractions (at least I think that’s what they were). So I ended up calling the on-call doctor (it was after office hours by the time this happened). She called back pretty quickly and we chatted about what was going on. She said she wasn’t concerned about the cramping since they weren’t coming and going in a fashion that could be timed. She didn’t think they sounded like contractions. However, when I told her that my belly was getting rock hard for 30 seconds to a minute more than four times in an hour, she did feel like those were BH contractions. (By the way, this is the one doctor in the practice that I do not like at all.)

She told me to drink more water and to rest for an hour. If I had more than 6-7 contractions in that hour, then she’d bring me in to get checked. Of course I didn’t have anymore, so that was really good. However, my lower back started hurting a bit and I was still having some minor cramps later that night.

This morning I still had cramps when I sat up, but they went away again. Now they are back and coming and going. They aren’t really timeable or anything, so I’m not doing anything with that. I’m not having any contractions, which is good. The babe is moving around, which is also good. However, I’d say the babe is having a lazy day, but if I do kick counts I get plenty of movement within the allotted time.

I’m probably going to call the nurse line in a little bit. I just want to talk to someone about these cramps because they do make me slightly nervous. I haven’t really had any issues at all until now, and I don’t want anything to start up now. While I’ve said that I wish I could be done with being pregnant, I’m not ready to not be pregnant anymore. I want to keep this little one inside me for as long as possible so s/he is able to grow as much as possible.

Thankfully two doctors aren’t concerned, but since it’s persisting I want to mention it again. I’m tired of all the cramping.


I went to the doctor and had an internal. Everything is perfectly fine! My cervix is long and closed. Unfortunately the cramps and back pain are my new “baseline.” Oh well.


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