32 Week Appointment

Today’s appointment couldn’t have gone better. I only gained one pound in the last month (woohoo!), my blood pressure is great, and I am measuring perfect.

The babe’s heartbeat is 152bpm this week. I could listen to his or her heartbeat all day, every day.

It was so nice to not have my weight mentioned at an appointment. I really enjoyed that. :)

And the doctor praised me on my glucose test! I did that at 26 weeks, so two months ago now and knew I passed. But my sugar levels were so good, and he said that they were some of the best levels he had seen in a while. If that doesn’t make a mom-to-be feel good, I don’t know what would. :)

I did have some questions about menstrual-like cramping and super sharp pains (literally took my breath away) I had over the weekend. I was concerned about them and almost called the doctor, but they went away with rest within an hour (which was great!). He said nothing sounded awry, and that I did exactly what I was supposed to do. If I have cramps again that do not go away within two hours with rest and water, then I should call. And if I have cramps and feel four or more contractions in an hour, then I should also call. It was nice to be reassured about them, though. The pain I’ve been having in my pelvis/lower stomach area sucks a lot, but there’s nothing I can do about it unfortunately.

All in all, we are doing great and have two more biweekly appointments. Then we are down to weekly appointments. Holy moly!


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