I don’t have many baby-related dreams. I don’t know why, but I normally dream of everything other than the babe. Last night, however, I did.

Previously I have had four dreams. The first one was quite early on in the pregnancy and I dreamed we had a little girl and I was breastfeeding her. It was probably one of the best dreams ever.

The second dream I had was very strange. I had the baby prematurely, but we were about to take her home with us. We didn’t know the sex of the baby though because we felt like we needed to wait until July to know (weird). So we were out buying a crib for her (I must have dreamed this back in January or early February), and I needed to change her diaper. Do you know how difficult it is to change a baby’s diaper without looking at the genitals? Well, I almost made it through without looking, but I caught a glimpse of her sex. I ran around the store trying to find the Mr. so that I could tell him we have a baby girl. Once I found him, we were both thrilled and named her (though I don’t remember the name).

The third dream I had was probably around 20-23 weeks. The Mr. had just started feeling the babe moving on the outside more easily and my belly was rounding out quite nicely. Well, I dreamed that we were playing with the baby. The Mr. or I happened to press a little too hard on one side of my belly and the baby popped out of the other side! It was the strangest thing ever. However, when the baby came out, it was a puppy. Um, I didn’t know I could carry a puppy! I also dreamed that I breastfed the puppy. Just so you know, puppy teeth are sharp and they hurt. I’m very glad babies are born without teeth.

I don’t really remember the fourth dream, to be honest. All I remember is that I gave birth to a little boy, not a girl. It was very surprising to me.

Last night’s dream was also weird, but definitely not out of the ordinary. I was in L&D and had just given birth to our twin girls! We did not know that there was a second baby inside me, so it was quite surprising to us. I felt absolutely terrible, though, since we had no idea about the second baby so we did not have a second name picked out. I was terrified that she’d grow up and realize that we didn’t know about her and didn’t have a name for her. I thought she’d hate us for it. It didn’t take us long to name her, though. Our little girls were named Adele and Cecilia. It was a nice dream, for the most part. :)

Anyway, based on my feelings and the dreams I’ve had, I will be very surprised (though happily surprised!) if this babe comes out a boy. I truly do not wish one sex over the other, so I’m extremely excited for either. I guess we’ll see if my girl dreams are correct or whether my one boy dream is right. It won’t be long now!


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