Week 30 Letter

My dearest babe,

There are always so many loving things to say to you. I could go on and on forever — really I could. However, I have something else to talk about today.

This world is hard.

There are so many evil people in the world, so many evil things that happen to good people, so much hatred flows through the powerful. Of course not everyone is like this and there is just as much good in the world as there is evil. But sometimes the evil shines through so strongly it’s hard to see the good. Almost a decade ago on September 11, a terrible thing happened to our country, to your country. A man had structured a terrible group of people called the Al-Qaeda. This group of people flew two airplanes into the World Trade Centers in New York City. Another plane was brought down in Pennsylvania, your home state, by some very brave passengers, and yet another place was flown into the Pentagon. It was truly a terrible day in American history. One in which our lives, our country, was changed forever.

I still remember the exact seat in which I was sitting when I heard the news of the WTC being hit. I was sitting in Health class in high school, and one of our Health teachers came running in and turned on the TV. We sat in complete silence as the news rolled on, informing us of the horror that was happening. I sat with my jaw dropped as we watched the second plane hit the second tower. It was so surreal. I didn’t believe something like that could happen, yet it was happening right before my eyes. Thousands of people died that day. It was truly one of the saddest days in our country.

Yesterday, however, the man responsible for that terrible day, the man responsible for ripping an open wound into our country that still has not healed was killed. Some very brave soldiers went in and took his life. I cannot tell you the relief I feel knowing that man is dead. You will never, ever live on the same Earth as he. You will not breathe the same air. You will not know him except in history books. And for that I am glad.

I am so happy that you will know one less terrorist during your days.

I will always remember where I was when I read the news of bin Laden’s death. It was 4:30 this morning. I had just brought your pup inside (he was being naughty!), your daddy was snoring (he’s not feeling well), and you were dancing around inside me as I read the news and teared up with relief — relief I didn’t even know I was waiting for.  I couldn’t wait for your daddy to wake up so I could share the good news with him.

This is a historical moment in the making. I pray that the world stays safe from any and all retaliation.

I just wanted you to know that I feel even better about you entering this world in a few short weeks when I know there is a little less evil and a little more good.

I’ll love you always,


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