Wall photos

So, I’ve been thinking about all the ways I can decorate the walls in the nursery. The wall next to/behind the crib has a tree decal and the mobile. Behind the rocking chair (same wall as crib) I have a frame with a picture my aunt drew over 30 years ago; next to the rocking chair (wall with window) I have another one of her prints framed.

That only leaves the wall that the dresser is against. I had no idea what to do there. I know we are putting up a shelf above the dresser, but that was it. Our idea was to make a “Year in Pictures” wall collection next to the dresser. However, I just don’t feel that would work out at all. Thirteen picture frames is quite a lot to put in one small area (though it’s not that tiny).

Well, I just figured out what I want to do!!! I am going to still do the year in pictures idea, but on a much smaller scale. I know I have some leftover green fabric from my birds (I just have to find it). I plan to take four small wooden frames (like a canvas frame or something similar) to which I can staple the fabric. If I need to go buy two more kinds of green fabric, that’s fine, too. It won’t cost much at all.

Then I just need to buy an 8×10 frame (matte that down to 5×7) and four 5×7 frames. I will fill the 8×10 frame with baby’s first picture (or at least one of our favorite newborn pictures) and fill the other four frames with pictures from 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and a year.

Here is how it might look like set up:

I’ll have to have the Mr. look at it and help me out with measurements (he’s much better at that than I am), but we should be able to get everything to line up quite perfectly. I’m a bit excited by the prospect of figuring this out! I loved the idea of having a picture for each month of the baby’s life up to a year, but I thought the wall might look a little boring. Adding the fabric prints will make the wall look more exciting if you ask me. I’m also going to fill the 3/6/9/12 month frames with extra paper from the blocks to help tie those into the room until we’ve got pictures to put in them. My mom has a Cricut that I can use to cut out some numbers to add to them, as well. I think it will look good.

I just need to finish up the mobile, hem the curtains, get the shelving (I also want a bookshelf for in front of the window), put the horse back together and finish his mane and tail, and do the picture wall. It looks like a lot when I type it out, but we really don’t have much left to do! I’m very excited to get this room finished. My plan is to have it completely done Memorial Day weekend at the latest. Eek!


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