Week 29 Letter

My sweetest babe,

This past weekend with you was the best weekend thus far. You were so busy in there on Saturday while I cleaned, cooked, and worked on your mobile. And then Sunday? Holy moly, little one! You were a ninja all day long! I absolutely LOVED it! You woke me up with hiccups first thing in the morning (the first time I’d ever felt you hiccuping!), and you played with your daddy in the afternoon. You would kick his hand every time he tapped my belly or shook it a little. You even gave him the biggest kick you’ve ever made! I fell so much more in love with both of you in those moments. It’s absolutely amazing to see you two interacting. Keep it up! :)

I know I say this all the time, but I cannot wait until you are here. We are hitting 10 weeks left this Wednesday. My doctor’s office won’t let me go past 41 weeks, so you will be here in our arms in 11 weeks or less! (A little less is okay so we can avoid an induction!) I’m so excited to see you and your daddy together — that’s honestly the most exciting thing to me right now. I want to see you interacting with each other outside of me.

We are really getting things done for you. Your bedroom is almost finished, and it’s less than a month until our baby shower! After that, we will buy whatever we still need and then we are ready for your arrival.

We are so excited!!



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