This weekend was so busy! I’m very exhausted now that it’s over and I didn’t sleep well last night, so today may be a bit difficult to get through. That’s okay, though. It really was a great weekend.

The Mr. and I got the house ready for our guests on Saturday, and I did most of the cooking/prepping for Easter dinner, too. It was nice to have most everything done the day before — it really helped to split up the work so I wouldn’t be running around like a chicken with my head cut off all day on Sunday.

We also worked on the bird mobile on Saturday and it is looking adorable! I absolutely love it! We have it hanging up in the nursery right now (since it’s now put together I didn’t want it to get tangled up sitting in the closet. The only thing that we have to do with it now is even up the hanging ribbon (it’s very slightly off, and that bothers me) so that the ring is straight. Then I just have to glue everything in place with my glue gun and it is done! Everyone who saw it yesterday said it was super cute. :) We also hung the curtains back up, and the room looks so much homier with them in there. I marked where I want to hem them (they are about a foot too long for the window), so that’s all I have to do with them! I still want to get some sort of tie back for them, but I’m keeping my eye out for something awesome. Otherwise I’ll make some. We’ll see. I’m really pleased with how the nursery is turning out. In a week or so, we can put up the tree silhouette and I think it will look so nice!

My meal went perfectly yesterday. Everyone loved it, especially the trifle. I was a little nervous about the trifle since I had never made it before, but it was really very good! It’s all gone and everyone took some home. It was so nice that everyone helped clean up and put the dining room back to normal, too. It really was a good day yesterday. :)

And do you know what was the best two things of the entire weekend? I woke up yesterday to baby hiccups! I had never felt them before, and they are so cool! The babe was hiccuping for about 5 minutes or so, so I’m certain that’s what it was. And the babe was so wiggly yesterday. I loved it. I really love feeling him/her moving around in there.

At one point, the Mr. and I were sitting down watching a movie with my dad and youngest brother. While we were sitting there, I told the Mr. that the babe was moving around a lot and so he put his hand on my stomach. It was so funny. The babe was moving and rolling, and the Mr. would tap my belly or shake it a little bit and the babe would kick back! They were playing with each other! I LOVED it so much! The babe actually kicked the Mr.’s hand harder than s/he had ever kicked me before. Their interaction was phenomenal to me.

So that was my weekend. It went by so quickly and was very tiring, but I loved it. I wish all weekends went so well. :)

Oh! I forgot one really exciting thing, too! My mom and stepdad are buying us our travel system! Isn’t that fabulous? It’s $300 that we were expecting to spend ourselves (in fact, we’ve been watching for sales on it to buy it). I really am thankful that our families are so generous and want to help us out with some very important things (well, the carseat that comes with the travel system is most important).  It’s very exciting!


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