I find this exciting!

If you don’t want to hear (or read) about my boobs, then click that little red ‘x’ at the right.

Everything I’ve read on pregnancy has suggested that I’d experience some sort of breast leakage in mid-2nd tri or so. It didn’t happen to me. Not a drop leaked from my boobs and I started feeling abnormal. However, I have heard that breast leakage before birth doesn’t mean you’ll have a lot of milk and a lack of leakage doesn’t mean you won’t have milk.

I had noticed little tiny flakes of something on my nipples for a while, but I just thought it might be dry skin even though it wasn’t all the time and I don’t have dry skin issues there or anywhere else for that matter. Last night, however, I noticed some liquid coming from my nipples!!!

You see, the Mr. and I were getting ready to, ahem, have some adult time and my shirt was off (of course). I messed around with my nipples for a moment (not sexually, I’m not sharing that with you guys!) just to see if anything would come out. I don’t know what made me think of this at that moment, but I did. A tiny, tiny bit of liquid came out and it was so exciting!

The Mr. couldn’t figure out why I was so excited, but it really is to me. My boobs are doing what they should be doing! So, there you have it. My slightly gross, slightly inappropriate story about my first experience with nipple leakage.

You’re welcome. :)


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