Weekend purchases :)

I actually didn’t spend a lot of money on the baby at all this weekend (and other than groceries, I didn’t spend any money). However, I’m sooo excited about the two things I did buy!

I’ve mentioned the baby book a couple times here, but couldn’t find anything I wanted to buy or spend the money on. The one I had my eye on would cost about $70 and that’s just so much money for a baby book/journal! I’m also not much of a scrapbooker. I wish I was, but it’s just not my thing. I can do a page or two here or there, but an entire book? Probably not. I don’t want to start a book and never finish it.

Well, my mom and I visited Barnes & Noble this weekend and I looked at the baby books there and found one I really like! (Click image for information.)

I like that it’s gender neutral, cute inside (I’m not sure there are pictures of the inside pages, though), and has everything I’d like to record in it! I spent $.92 for the book. Great deal, huh?! My mom used her Teacher’s Discount Card on it for me (I was surprised they let us do that!), and the Mr. had a gift card that I used, as well. With both of those, I only needed $1 out of my wallet for the book. :)

I’m really glad that I found one I like at a great price. I’ll be able to spend more money on other baby memory things without feeling guilty about the price, which I love. For now, I plan to get a really great album for pictures of the baby’s first year (or however many fit in there) and I’m also going to make a journal for the babe. I’m going to put in all my weekly letters, pictures, and updates into the journal. I might continue it past pregnancy and do one for each year or big milestone in the babe’s life. We’ll see. It’s something I want to give our baby when s/he is expecting his or her first baby. I know I’d love to see something like that, so I hope my  baby will, too. Either way, I definitely want to make that.

The second thing I bought for the baby this weekend is a toy I’ve been wanting for quite some time. I really love elephants and plan to have plenty of them. :)

Obviously I bought the elephant on the top. The Mr. said that it’s pretty much every baby toy in one, and it’s so true! I picked it up at Target for only $9, which is a great price (I’ve seen things like that much more expensive elsewhere). Cooper really likes the toy, too, so we may have issues there once the babe is actually here. I guess we’ll see. Hopefully the pup will realize they are not his and leave them alone most of the time.

Other than that, we didn’t do much this weekend at all. We visited my parents, which was nice, and I did some prep for next Sunday’s dinner (the dessert!). My littlest brother got to feel the baby’s food on Saturday and he thought it was pretty cool.

The nursery is coming along really well. Hopefully I’ll be able to get pictures of the finished nursery up in a few weeks or so! We need a shelf for above the dresser/changing table, some more picture frames, and a few decorative items. Oh, we also need a crib mattress. So we are doing pretty well with the room. :)


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