My doctor and my weight

I had my 28w appointment today, and it went okay.

The babe’s heartbeat is measuring 153! I love hearing that little heart beating away — it truly is the best sound in the whole world. The Mr. got to come to this appointment, too, which was awesome. :) My blood pressure is good. All my tests have come back normal, which is also a great thing (though we knew this already).

First not so great thing is that I’m measuring two weeks ahead. My belly should measure 28cm and it is measuring 30cm. If it’s measuring large again at my next appointment in two weeks, then we have to have a growth ultrasound. I hope everything is okay in there and that our babe is just a little bit big. S/he was measuring long at our anatomy scan two months ago, so maybe we just have a long baby. I guess we’ll see.

The not so good news is that I’m up 32lbs now. Thankfully my weight has slowed down a bit, but not enough really. The doctor I saw today was pretty rude about it, too. The Mr. was not happy with her at all; neither was I, to be honest. She was pretty condescending about my weight and eating habits (which she just assumed — she wouldn’t listen to my actual eating habits). Last time, the doctor (a different one) was also concerned. However, she actually listened to my eating habits and we discussed them quite frankly. She didn’t think that was causing my issue, which is why we went and did those tests to make sure there wasn’t something else going on with me.

Anyway, I am now supposed to see a nutritionist if I’d like to (though she strongly suggested it so I could learn how I am supposed to eat — ugh, lady, you don’t know how I eat because you wouldn’t listen to me!). Since I go back in two weeks, I figured I’d write down everything I eat now and see how my weight does between now and then. If it’s up high again, I’ll ask the doctor what he thinks about it (I should have a different doctor then I believe). I’ll probably bring my food list along, too. If he thinks I’m okay, then I won’t bother going to see the nutritionist. However, if he (or she) also says I should see someone just to see if there’s something we can do, then I will.

It’s so hard to not get frustrated by this. I know some women gain a lot in pregnancy and some others don’t. I’m already hard enough on myself and eat an apple or carrot sticks when I really want to have a cupcake or some ice cream. I’m truly doing a lot to keep from gaining weight. I guess we just have to see where things go from here.


2 thoughts on “My doctor and my weight

  1. On the first point, I was also measuring 30cm at my 28 week appt, and my doc said that was normal–so I wouldn’t worry too much!! :)

    And as for the weight, that doctor can suck it. You’re eating healthy, your tests came back clean, what else can they ask for??

    • Now I know who you are! :) ::waves hello::

      Thanks for the support. It’s hard when you start second guessing everything you eat. Sure I don’t always eat fruit or veggies for a snack or the best dinners, but I make sure the majority of the food I eat is good and healthy.

      Hopefully my meal plan/list will show that. :)

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