I’m feeling miserable

I’m sure you inferred from the title, but this this post will be full of complaints.

My back hurts all the time. Even sitting up or standing doesn’t really help.

I get leg cramps in bed at night every single time I roll over (which is a lot).

I’m not sleeping well at all.

I’m exhausted.

I’m starving all the time and want to eat junk sometimes but I feel so guilty about eating poorly at all due to my weight gain that I suck it up and eat the apple instead of the ice cream.

I’m uncomfortable in most of my clothes. Thank goodness the weather is getting warmer so I can start wearing shorts, dresses, and skirts again. At least those outfits are comfortable.

My boobs are out of control. I think that’s why my back hurts so much.

My body doesn’t like carrying around all this extra weight. I don’t know how people do it all the time (obese people, Michelle Duggar, etc.). I can’t wait to start exercising again to get back to my much lighter self.

Even my bras are annoying me and digging into my side boobs. I really think I need to get more; however, last time I was measured the lady wanted to put me into a 34DDD. Um, my 36DDDs are digging into me with an extender attached to the back. How will a smaller bra help me? Maybe I need to suck it up and go to Nordstrom’s and get professionally fitted and buy an expensive bra. I just hate to spend so much on a bra at this point.

I get annoyed with people so easily now, and I hate that. I’m a very easy-going person normally and don’t have many issues with anyone. Now, it’s not quite the same and I don’t like it. I hope this goes away as soon as the babe is born. I’m especially annoyed with my mother in law.


Okay, it feels good to get some of that out. I know pregnancy isn’t glamorous and I know that it is hard. You just never know how hard it can really be until you are going through it.

However, I’d do this 100 times over if it was the only way I could hold my precious baby in my arms. That’s the only thing that’s getting me through this: holding her in my arms. Or him. Don’t want to give my potential little boy a complex before he’s even born. ;)

I never thought I could be so selfless with my own body (even though I do complain more than I’d like).


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