Week 27 Letter

My sweet babe,

I’m sorry I did not write you a letter last week. This will be your first lesson in “Not Everything Always Gets Done.” Instead of writing you a letter last week, I started talking to you much more often, and you really enjoyed it! I was very surprised when you started kicking or moving around when I’d talk or sing to you. I loved it so much and I plan to keep it up. :)

I was feeling slightly concerned about you yesterday and this morning. You see, you used to kick me a ton and move a ton and it was all very noticeable. My belly would shake, we could see your limbs poking out, and it was awesome. However, the past day you weren’t nearly as obvious in your movements. I could still feel you, but you were so soft. So I called the on-call nurse today to make sure everything was normal. Of course she reassured me that everything was fine as long as I was still feeling you (and I definitely am). She thinks you’ve just changed positions or are in a sleepy state.

Well, not an hour or so after I spoke with the nurse, you were dancing around in my belly so much! I was getting punched and kicked from all sides. You were pushing up and down at the same time, moving around so much, trying to get more room it seems. It’s like you said to me, “Mom, I’m here. I’m fine. Stop worrying so much!” Of course I feel a little silly for my phone call, but you may always make me feel silly for those calls, okay? I would never be upset with you for doing that to me. :)

Today is such a lovely day, my precious little one. You would absolutely love it! There is a slightly cool breeze flowing through the 75-degree air. It’s the first really beautiful day of the year. I can’t wait to let you experience days such as this next spring. We’ll be able to go outside and soak up tons of wonderful sunshine!

We have officially entered the third trimester, and it’s really starting to sink in that you will be coming home with us in a few short months. I can’t believe that we are already in the last stretch. I have an appointment on Friday and it’s my last of the monthly appointments. We are now going to see the doctor every two weeks! How crazy is that?!

Things are really starting to happen fast. :) We’ve finished painting in your room (though we have a few touchups I want to make); we have picked out a name for you if you are a girl and have a middle name for you if you are a boy; the baby shower invitations have gone out; we have only a few things to do in your room before it’s complete (we need a mattress, shelf, a few picture frames, and a toy box or book shelf for under the window). It’s so crazy how we are getting down to the end. We are so very excited for your arrival! Only 86 days to go!

I’m so proud to be your mama. :)


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