MIL: So, how are you sleeping lately?

ME: All right. It depends on the night, but usually okay.

THE MR: Ha, she doesn’t sleep that well…

MIL: Well, I can tell you aren’t sleeping hardly at all. You have dark circles under your eyes.

Um, for your information, I have very deep-set eyes. I almost always have shadows under them, especially in your house, because of poor lighting. Now, it may be true I had some circles under my eyes on Saturday because I didn’t sleep that great the night before and I was tired, but seriously woman! Just because someone else asked you if you were trying to keep up with me doesn’t mean you can turn around and insult me. I like my deep-set eyes, thank you very much. I’d much rather have shadows under my eyes sometimes than to be bitter like you.

My pregnancy hormones have made me into a slightly bitchier version of my previous self. Things bother me much more now than they used to. Oh well. At least no one called me fat on Saturday. :)


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