Breastfeeding and…birds?

I know my post title is confusing, but it isn’t about breastfeeding and birds together. It’s just the two topics I’m going to post about. :p

So the class last night was awesome. I learned a lot, the lactation consultant that led the class had us practice holds and different techniques to get a baby to open its mouth bigger to get a better latch. Seriously everything about the class was just so positive. (And the LC was honestly the peppiest person I’ve ever seen — she was fun!)

My mom couldn’t breastfeed for numerous reasons, and only one of my friends with kids has ever breastfed, so I am definitely moving into mostly uncharted waters in my circle. It was pretty daunting to hear everyone else’s stories about why they didn’t breastfeed, about the pain, about the difficulties. There is a lot of negativity, not necessarily toward me and trying breastfeeding, but toward breastfeeding itself.

But last night made me so excited to breastfeed my baby! I definitely feel like it’s something I can and will do, even though I know it may still be hard. I really recommend a breastfeeding class to everyone who wants to do it. I feel so positive about the entire experience right now. :) I truly cannot wait until this little munchkin arrives!

Also, I just wanted to mention that the babe was moving around so much during the class! My stomach was jumping a lot. A few hours later when we were home and lounging around before we went to bed, the Mr. had his hand on my belly and got to feel lots of flips and kicks from the babe. It’s crazy how much s/he moves sometimes! I can tell the Mr. really enjoys feeling his baby moving around inside me. :)

Now on to the birds. I’ve mentioned before that I’m making the bird mobile for the nursery. I’ve seen a few I like off Etsy, but they cost $100+ and I just can’t justify spending that much on a mobile that the baby may or may not even pay attention to. I think of them as more of a decoration than anything. I mean, babies can only see about a foot in front of them at first. How the heck are they supposed to focus on a mobile that is hanging much higher than that above their head?

The mobiles that are more reasonably priced (i.e., less than $35) are just absolutely ugly. I would not put them in my nursery. I would honestly go without. So I set about to make my own. I’m not going to make a full post about it here because I plan to do so once I finish the mobile, but let’s just say that it’s going to look so cute!

I finished making the birds today; those suckers were difficult to put together! The pattern I used was much to large, so I had to shrink it down to 65%, making the birds a little difficult. But now that they are finished and hung up in their mock up positions, I am so glad I did this. The Mr. and I are going to put the rest of it together this weekend most likely and there will be a post about it next week! :)


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