Nursery Update!

I am nesting like you wouldn’t believe it lately. There are so many things I need/want to do!

The biggest thing I’ve wanted to finish for a while is the nursery paint. It took a while for us to prep the walls due to the obscene wallpaper border at the top of the wall. Finally the Mr. completed his work and it looks great! We painted on Monday and did some touchups last night. I took the tape down this morning and it looks great! We have a few areas we want to touchup, but it would be fine if we didn’t. We are just perfectionists. ;)

All we need to do now is paint the baseboards!

The lighting in the room is so much better now that we have a lighter color on the walls!

Doesn’t it look good?!
I love how the paint is darker in some lighting than in others. I think it adds a lot of dimension to the room.
Please excuse the partially covered crib. :)

Isn’t the color fabulous?! I can’t wait to get the baseboards painted and everything back in its place. We can finally start decorating next week!


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